Biotech.  bīōˌtek/ What does that mean, exactly?  As life science recruiters, we struggle with the different scientific applications - all unique.  Pharmaceutical R&D?  Stem Cells?  Crispr? Crop Science?  Biofuels?  Biodegradable Plastics? Vegetable Oil?  It's our job to pick up this big "bio-bucket" and sort out what's best for you and your company.  With a strong background in life science recruiting in pharmaceuticals and medical devices, Surf Search understands the nuances of biotech recruiting.  We approach each search based on its unique requirements.

A case study in biotech recruitment

Challenge:  To find candidates for a Director of Immunology for an industry-leading drug development company and move them to high cost of living, San Diego. Candidates must have PhD, experience with autoimmunity, vaccines, and infectious disease in pre-clinical development.

Solution:  Exhaustive search, utilizing paten and published research, and conference research turned up the perfect candidate, in Seattle. Extensive negotiations over relocation and cost of living considerations resulted in a great hire. Candidate has since been promoted with new company and family loves life in San Diego.

typical roles we fill

A Great Recruiting Combination in Surf Search

With Debbie's background in medical genetics, and Jan's in medical and scientific journalism, Surf Search is a stand-out in biotech recruiting.  Our scientific searches are highly complex in nature, and having that technical knowledge has been invaluable in sourcing top biotech talent.

- Jack S. Director of HR, growing life sciences CRO

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