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The life sciences industry boomed during the pandemic and specialized talent is now a precious commodity. Costs and salaries are on the rise and technology is changing at a rapid pace. Corporate globalization and the prioritization of reliable supply chains are driving company strategy.

To stay on top of the life science recruiting world, recruiters must stay current, not just with new innovation, tracking geographic business migration and growth. Incubators and start-ups are driving innovation. Surf Search stays on top of life science industry trends – we know what’s on the horizon.

Your life science executive search specialists

Surf Search stands out in life science executive search. As headhunters with many years experience working in the industry, we not only have a deep understanding of life science innovation, but an extensive database of qualified candidates. We work with our candidates to understand their needs – and with our clients to attract talent that will move their businesses forward. You won’t find headhunters with more experience and with a better track record than Surf Search. We know where to find qualified candidates and how to recruit them for your most difficult roles.

A case study in life sciences recruitment

We have a life science client who had difficulty getting candidates to accept their offers. This client had a lengthy recruiting process that took weeks to complete. Candidates were set up with five 30 minute video interviews where candidates were grilled on their skill set. Often, before the process had finished the candidate had accepted another offer.

Surf Search turned this around, helping them streamline the recruitment process by combining interviews into a 3-step process. Each interview was structured with specific interview questions to cover all areas – not repeating the same questions. Interviewers were coached to sell the job opportunity, company culture and career advancement potential. Candidates were given time to ask questions. The process took no longer than a week to complete and the client was great about providing timely feedback to Surf Search and the candidates. Candidates appreciated being treated professionally and sensed excitement about the company and opportunities leading to more accepted offers.

How We Can Help

We can you help find top life sciences talent across the nation. We have a presence in the following cities: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Cambridge, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Fargo, Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis, Irvine, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New Haven, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Rochester, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Syracuse.

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We struggled to find a Director, R&D for several months before contacting Surf Search to help with our search. They found us 3 solid candidates and we were able to choose one who accepted our offer. The team at Surf Search understood our business and managed the negotiation process with finesse.

- Kristen G. VP, R&D, startup Life Sciences company

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Frequently asked questions
about Life Sciences recruiting

Why should I use a life science recruiting specialist?

Recruiter specialization in life sciences exponentially increases the ability to target the best talent for your organization. Surf Search has a deep database of life science candidates working for companies around the country. We develop strong relationships with candidates in the life sciences industry and know what they are looking for in a new job.

Explain your recruiting process, from receiving the initial job order to onboarding a new hire? What can we expect?

Surf Search will meet with your hiring team to ensure you have a strong message on selling both the job and your company. We will help you fine tune your job descriptions. Benefits, company culture and career pathways need to be clearly defined. The interviewing process needs to streamlined and efficient. Next, Surf Search will present 3-8 qualified candidates for each position within 1-2 weeks’ time. We will help you set up interviews, follow up with the candidates and hiring teams, check references when necessary and negotiate the offer when the time comes. We keep in touch with the hiring manager and the candidate to make sure onboarding is completed and that the candidate is thriving in their new position.

Which life sciences roles does Surf Search fill?

Surf Search has successfully filled key positions at life sciences companies including top leadership, R&D, operations, engineering, supply chain, quality and regulatory. With over 20 years recruiting in life sciences, we have an extensive database of candidates, and a deep pipeline of candidates we are regularly in contact with. We also reach out to new grads and postdocs looking for industry positions.

What does your candidate sourcing strategy look like for recruiting candidates in life sciences?

Surf Search recruiting teams target life sciences hubs around the country including San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, RTP and the Washington DC biotech corridor. We have developed a deep pipeline of active candidates numbering in the tens of thousands. We work on life science positions with companies across the country and partner with other top recruiting firms who also specialize in recruiting for the life sciences industry. This dramatically increases our reach.

What differentiates Surf Search as life science recruiters from all the others? What makes you better?

We are a niche recruiting firm, focused on recruiting for the life sciences industry. We have been in the headhunting business for a long time and enjoy a terrific reputation with our clients and candidates. Most of our clients have been with us through many company changes and take us with them as they move up their own career ladders. In recruiting for the life science industry, you are only as good as who you know, and our recruiting pipeline is deep. Take a dozen headhunters, give them the same life science recruiting assignment and Surf Search always come out on top. Our knowledge and depth of experience in life science recruiting stands out in headhunting circles across the U.S.

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