Our Process

Marketing and Candidate Sourcing:
  • Our recruitment process involves conducting several information-gathering meetings with the management team to discuss details of the search. It includes reviewing the job description, defining level of compensation, and assessing how to present your company in the best possible light to candidates.
  • Source potential candidates utilizing multiple sources including: advertising, searching internal and external databases, social media, and professional associations.
Candidate Screening:
  • Conduct initial phone screening of potential candidates
  • Present company and job information to the candidate providing in-depth info on company culture.
  • Evaluate the candidate’s experience, professional goals, and interest to determine if they are a match.
  • Evaluate the candidate’s level of interest
  • Provide qualified candidate’s resume/CV with summary of our notes for your review.
  • Prepare candidate for initial interview with hiring company representative
Candidate Interview Process:
  • Arrange for a telephone interview between the appropriate department representative and the candidate. If there is interest in the candidate then…
  • Identify possible dates for an onsite visit and interviews.


Prior to the initial Visit:
  • Discuss with candidate the cost of living differences between their home town and job location.
  • Discuss with candidate other opportunities and locations that candidate might be considering.
  • Determine the candidate’s family needs.  Schools?  Special needs?
  • Arrange for a real estate agent to show candidate particular areas that might be of interest if necessary.
  • Revisit candidate current salary and salary expectations.
Our goals and our process are to insure that every candidate coming to your company receives consistent professional treatment — and a continuity of communication and information about your organization.  Consistent, step by step communication throughout the interview process is key to a successful hire.  It’s known as “candidate care.”
Candidate Post Site Visit:
  • Follow-up with the candidate to address questions and/or concerns
  • Keep in contact with the candidate and hiring manager to evaluate  candidate’s continued level of interest in your opportunity AND  your interest in the candidate.


Feedback On The Search:
  • Provide updates on status information regarding search project to the appropriate department person.
  • Provide ongoing updates relative to specific candidates on a continuous basis.
  • Share comments and insights gained through casual conversation with candidates during visits as well as from email correspondence as they occur.
  • Follow-up as required with department person to facilitate completion of necessary interviews.
Close the candidate:
  • We believe that direct negotiation between the candidate and the organization is the best way to finalize contractual arrangements. We will facilitate these negotiations or act as an intermediary.


Follow up:
  • Our facilitation and involvement continue after the successful candidate is on board. We will be in periodic contact with both the placed candidate and the appropriate department person to make sure that things are going smoothly.