Resume Tips

  1. Send your resume to companies and recruiters as a Word Document or PDF attachment in an email. If your resume is formatted in a complicated or unusual way it will not parse into recruiter or company HR tracking systems.
  2. Do not put your name and contact information in the header of a document. Using a header also makes it difficult to scan the resume into HR tracking software.
  3. Using the job description for which you are applying, tailor your resume to feature your skills as they relate to the job description.
  4. Focus on accomplishments rather than activities.
  5. Be specific when describing your experience.
  6. When listing accomplishments on a resume include the results; how did you save the company time or money?
  7. Don’t worry too much about length. Each position should include a brief description of the company, job, and at least 2-3 accomplishments.
  8. Proofread!
  9. Do not lie on your resume!
  10. Use a font that is easy to read.
  11. Be concise and clear.
  12. Use bullets for accomplishments.
  13. Do not include personal information like date of birth, marriage status or pictures.
  14. Write in the first person but remove the “I” from your statements.
  15. Use an active voice — it is more effective to make YOU the subject of your statements rather than the object.