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Physician recruiting is challenging! Surf Search specializes in physician recruitment. The healthcare industry is facing some major hurdles. Physicians, now more than ever, are a precious commodity. There are huge numbers of open positions for physicians across the country, and the time to fill a physician role is longer than almost any other industry.

To stay on top of the physician recruiting world, headhunters must stay in touch with residents and fellows who receive lots of offers in their last year of training. More often than not, residents and fellows take positions with the institution where they completed their training.

Recruiters also need to network with physicians who work for the large healthcare organizations where burnout is common, and who might be looking for lifestyle changes.

Healthcare companies looking to hire physicians need to be flexible, make their jobs attractive and make the interviewing process easy.

A case study in physician recruitment

A mid-sized healthcare client wanted to hire a number of physicians for a unique home health model. The company’s recruitment process was slow and it lacked a robust human resources department to lead the search process.

Surf Search helped the team develop a job description and opportunity that would be attractive to physicians. Next we helped them to streamline their interviewing process and suggested interviewing with case studies to best identify how the physician candidates would perform in the home versus seeing patients in the clinic or hospital.

Lastly, Surf Search targeted a specific candidate pool that would be more likely to appreciate the opportunity to have more time to spend with patients and work outside of a clinic and hospital environment.

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I always reach back out to Surf Search

I have worked with Surf Search for years and contacted them again with my new employer. They found us several qualified primary care physicians, and were so helpful following the process, keeping in touch with candidates and pinging me when needed to move the process along. I cannot say enough positive things about working with them.

- Christina P. CMO, National Healthcare company

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Frequently asked questions
about Physician recruiting

Why should I use a physician recruiting specialist?

Using a physician recruiter allows you to find the best talent for your physician openings. Surf Search has a deep database of physician candidates working in clinical and administrative positions around the country. We spend time developing relationships with physicians and we know what they are looking for in a new job. Our goal is to find and qualify the best physician employees for your organization.

From receiving a job order to onboarding a new hire, tell me what the physician recruiting process looks like?

The physician talent shortage has become an enormous problem – it is a market we have never seen, the competition for talented physicians is fierce. Surf Search starts the process by making sure your hiring team and job description sell physicians on the opportunity within your organization. Benefits, company culture and professional pathways need to be clearly defined. The interviewing process needs to streamlined and efficient. Next, Surf Search will present 3-5 qualified candidates within 1-2 weeks’ time. We will help you set up interviews, follow up with the physicians and hiring teams, check references when necessary and negotiate the offering process when the time comes. We keep in touch with the hiring manager and the candidate to make sure onboarding is completed and that the candidate is thriving in their new position.

What kinds of physician roles does Surf Search fill?

Surf Search has successfully filled physician positions in most clinical specialties including provider, payer, and supplier organizations. We have filled positions for C-suite, administrative, medical director, clinical operations/affairs, and regulatory positions. We have worked as physician recruiters for over 20 years and have an extensive database of physicians including residents and fellows looking for their first permanent positions.

What does our candidate sourcing strategy look like for recruiting physicians?

With offices across the country, Surf Search’s physician recruiting teams have developed a huge pipeline of candidates numbering in the tens of thousands. We develop relationships with physicians and know what might motivate them to make a job change. We work with other physician recruiters across the country to increase our candidate pool and bandwidth. We reach out to residents and fellows to learn what opportunities would be of interest when they finish their programs.

How long does it take to find good physician candidates?

That depends on your job requirements and how flexible you are. Clinical physicians do not change jobs often. They need a reason to change jobs: better hours, less call, more administrative responsibilities, leadership opportunities, financial incentives. Our goal is to get you 3 qualified candidates in 3 weeks’ time for clinical jobs.

What differentiates Surf Search as physician recruiters from our competitors?

We are a niche recruiting firm, focused on physician recruiting. We have been in the physician recruiting business for a long time and enjoy a terrific reputation with our clients and candidates. Most of our hiring managers have been with us through many company changes and take us with them as they move up their own career ladders. In physician recruiting, you are only as good as who you know, and our recruiting pipeline is deep. Take a dozen headhunters, give them the same physician recruiting assignment and Surf Search always come out on top. Our knowledge and depth of experience in physician recruiting stands out in headhunting circles across the U.S.

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