We are recruiters. The best in our business. It’s time to catch our wave.

What makes Surf Search different?  Why are we so successful at what we do?

It’s all about RELATIONSHIPS…

  • 90% of our business comes from past relationships 
  • Our sweet spots are medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare, BUT because our valued HR leaders and hiring managers “take us with them” when they move on to new companies, we gladly work with them if they have moved into new industries.  
  • We CHOOSE to work on contingency.  Why?  We don’t want to waste our time with hiring managers who are not serious, don’t engage with us or are inefficient in their hiring process.   RELATIONSHIPS matter.  
  • We build strong bonds of trust with our hiring managers, and work hard to completely understand the job requirements, company culture and candidate career potential. 
  • We don’t waste time throwing a bunch of resumes at you and hoping something sticks.  We target a select group of qualified candidates, and  after multiple conversations, present 3-4 we like best. 
  • We develop trust with our candidates as career advisors and help them recognize career gaps — rather than pushing a job that is not a fit.
  • Lastly, we pay it forward, offering free resume and career advice to new grads

With over 20+ years of combined experience in executive recruiting, we fill a wide range of key positions, from high-level leadership roles to staff level.   We are successful because we take time to understand not just our clients and their businesses — but our candidates too!  We are “all in” with each req — AND with our candidates — providing support with scheduling and interview prep, offer negotiation, relocation and new job onboarding.  We know your time is valuable and we are here to streamline the process.  We work with only a handful of clients at a time.  We are thorough and — we love what we do.

About Us

Landing the perfect job is like riding the perfect wave. It just lasts longer.