Life changes. Sometimes you just have to get up and ride the crest of that wave.

The recruiters at Surf Search understand the importance of making career changes and taking advantage of new career opportunities to stay relevant in a fast-changing world.

Every client we work with is looking for employees who will bring new ideas, innovation and add personal value to their teams.

Are you looking for a great recruiter?

Are you trying to make a career change, but struggling with how to best move forward?  Is your job search stuck in neutral?  Did you find the perfect job opportunity on line, and applied only to hear nothing?  Are you simply having a hard time even finding the perfect job opening that matches your skill set and fulfills personal requirements?

The recruiters at Surf Search are here to help.  Our recruiters are experts in executive job placement.  Our recruiters help you to navigate your new career path in the healthcare, medical device and pharma industries.

Surf Search – Are you looking for a great recruiter who can actually find you a job?

Our recruiters have a solid track record of success in matching top talent with great companies, creating strong relationships between employees and management to build winning corporate cultures and wildly successful businesses.

The key is selecting and placing high-performing professionals with industry leading organizations that strive to extend their accomplishments, break out of their comfort zones and innovate their way to success.

We know how to do it.  We can help you take the next step…

Interviews Tips

Our staffing specialists have over 35 years in the recruitment industry. We know our clients and understand exactly what they are looking for in a candidate – not just in a general way, but specifically for each open position. We will provide you with expert interview coaching so you can land a job with one of our clients. The interview is your opportunity to show a potential employer the value and expertise you can bring to their organization. We will provide you with inside company information so you will stand out from all the rest!

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Interview Tips

Resume Tips

Your resume is your calling card. If it is not written with the specific position and company in mind you might never be invited for an interview! Our recruiters will help you write a stand out resume that specifically targets the job you are interviewing for. You need to be mindful, and take into consideration each company’s culture. What might a great approach for one – could fall blatantly flat for another. Many job searchers have poorly written and crazily constructed resumes. The cleaner look, the better. We know exactly what our clients are looking for in a resume. Let Surf Search help you write the resume that will get you to the interview stage.

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Resume Tips

About Us

Simply put, we KNOW recruiting. That’s why our clients come to us to fill a wide range of key positions from high-level leadership positions to staff level.   We are successful because we are well known for our strategic recruitment process, and take time to understand not only our clients and their businesses, but our candidates as well. And it’s not just our front line recruiters supporting this effort. We couldn’t do it without our awesome, behind the scenes, research team, working hard to source and identify candidates for those most difficult to fill jobs.

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Do you know blogging is the BEST way to keep up to speed on new jobs, the latest new interview trend, interviewing etiquette or something as simple as the importance of the RIGHT email address?  Follow our blog so you aren’t left behind and can be a player in the job search game.