Candidate Care 101


    1.  A candidates FIRST impression will be a lasting one.  Make sure your candidate is prepared.  Provide a schedule with names and titles of those he / she will be talking with.  Send good directions.  Are hotel and travel are all set?  Any dietary restrictions for lunch you will provide?
    2. KNOW your candidate.  Recruiters can help with both professional and a few personal details.  Know what that candidate is looking for in their next job and be prepared to pitch your company’s strong points that are in alignment.
    3. Interviewing is NOT all about the questions.  It’s about asking questions that do two things:  1.  Make the candidate feel comfortable enough that they answer thoughtfully and completely with little anxiety, and 2.  Give you a strong understanding of this candidate’s skill level and whether or not they would fit in well with your team.  “Gotcha” questions won’t get you anywhere.
    4. Roll out the red carpet.  That means, tours, lunch or dinner and plenty of time for the candidate to ask questions and get a feel for company culture.
    5. Thoroughly explain “next steps” and be honest about the interview process and timeline.
    6. Keep the ball in the air.  If the hiring process drags on, keep your candidate warm through reasonable contact.
    7. Research and offer an appealing and justifiable offer.
    8. Provide strong transitional support to your new hire through the move and on-boarding.
    9. When all is said and done, if you choose a different candidate, provide professional closure to those that weren’t chosen.  No matter what, they have taken personal time off from work to interview for your job.  You owe them feedback and closure.  Always take the high road and your company will develop a strong reputation as professional– and a desirable place to work.