Building your career network

Building your career network, AKA Staying in touch with people who LEAVE your company: You need to constantly build your

Job Searching…when you already have a job

Job Searching…when you already have a job: One thing that people rarely do is search for jobs while they are

job references
Managing Your References: A “How To” Guide

Now that you’ve mastered your resume and cover letter, it’s time to think about references. In addition to the former

Tips for college grads looking for jobs
Job Search Tips for New College Grads

Tips for Recent College Grads For recent college grads who’ve just entered the working world, it takes time to grow

How to design a great resume

Resume Design Tips The only other important thing about having a good resume with solid content, is also having a

Don’t Say This to Your Boss

“Think before you speak” is a mantra to live by in the workplace. Saying the wrong thing, especially in front

Don’t Let Facebook Ruin Your Job Prospects

Maintaining your privacy on Social Media websites, like Facebook and Instagram is important, but even more so when you are

How to Use Job Search Job Boards

How to best utilize Job Search sites: There are literally thousands of job search websites, also known as “job boards”

Piercings and Tattoos and Landing a Job

Tattoos and piercings are very slowly becoming more acceptable as an art form and a mode of self expression. Thirty