A Great Workplace Culture = Make it Better and They Will Stay!

Consider your employees.  Ask some tough questions.  Are they happy at work?  Do they spend their days engaged, interested and interesting?  Are they productive?  Or are they going through the motions and watching the clock?

You CAN improve your workplace culture with a few simple changes.

  1. Offer flex time. Lots of working families have kids in sports.  It makes an enormous difference in a family’s life if Mom or Dad is there to watch or coach.
  2. Offer “community service” hours. That could include coaching a team, mentoring students, or hours spent at a shelter.  Put up a bulletin board for photos or send out blast emails on team stats.
  3. Offer an afternoon off. Got issues with PTO for doctor’s appointments?  This should solve that,
  4. Offer “work at home” days.
  5. Bagel Mondays? Taco Tuesdays?  Juice Bar Wednesdays?  Latte Thursdays?  BBQ Fridays?  Make it fun.
  6. Set up a games area. Pool?  Ping pong?  Darts?  Lunchtime matches foster camaraderie.
  7. Decorate! Take a hard look at your workspace.  Is it inviting?
  8. Set up social outings or “in-ings”. Friday Happy Hour or craft beer?  A day at the races?  A baseball game?
  9. Get a dog. Company dogs rule!  Nothing like a friendly furry to take the stress and drama out of work.
  10. Celebrate small wins. A little bit of thanks, goes a long way.