While our main business at Surf Search is finding top talent for our client companies and our recruiting fees are paid by our client companies, candidates frequently approach us because they need help with moving their career forward, rewriting their resume, or advice about changing industries.

We are happy to help and have a variety of services to offer job seekers who are interested in polishing their presentation in their job search process.

After 25 years in the industry, we know what works to excel through the interview and job search process.

Job Seeker Services

  • Resume Writing

    Get an ATS-optimized resume that grabs recruiters’ attention and highlights your biggest strengths.

  • LinkedIn Profile Development

    Your profile will be optimized for LinkedIn’s algorithms, showcase your best achievements, and get passive traction.

  • Career Counseling

    Confused about how your skills align with top-paying jobs or what’s hot in the market? Schedule a session to map your experience to a job that matches your passion and long-term goals.

  • Leadership Coaching

    Our leadership coaching service is designed to equip new, future, and senior leaders to thrive in leadership positions and steer their teams towards productivity and profitability.

  • Cover Letter Writing

    Your letter will underscore your soft skills, your contribution to your industry, and your passion for your work.

  • Interview Coaching

    Maneuver through tough interview questions and negotiate what you’re worth.