How to get your boss to notice you


Ever feel like your boss doesn’t notice you at work? You put in the hard hours, do all the duties necessary for your job, but don’t get the recognition you hope for? Trust me, it’s all too common. And to be fair, as a boss—someone who coordinates long-term, big-picture plans (and pretty much everything else)—recognizing an employee’s work is not always something that crosses one’s mind. If you don’t get noticed, it’s not necessarily a reflection of how your boss feels about you personally. But there ARE little, subtle things you can do to earn the recognition you feel you deserve. It’s more than simply going above and beyond what is required of you in your position. Here are a few tips for how YOU can gain those notices.


  1. Be Confident Around the Boss: Sometimes, people have a tendency to freeze up in front of their boss. Don’t let the pressure get to you, and don’t worry about looking stupid. Your fear of criticism will prevent you from really taking the risks needed to be successful. Be bold, and be confident. Bosses love confidence and honesty. Make eye contact with him or her whenever you are around them, and don’t hold anything back that you think he or she needs to hear.


  1. Never Show Up Late, Never Leave Early: Being tardy is a major pet peeve for ALL manager types. Since they are the ones employing you, being late is a sign of disrespect. Show how much the job means to you. And NEVER leave your work early—even if it’s a Friday before a three day weekend. Always be punctual and committed to your work.


  1. Own Up to Your Mistakes: If you happen to make a mistake on the job, absolutely own up to it. Your boss will respect you all the more for it. It’s a sign that you’re aware of your own faults and are willing to improve. Finger pointing or blaming others, even if there is a modicum of truth to it, will not get you anywhere, and will likely cause drama (which your boss wants none of). Be the responsible one who asks how you can be better the next time.


  1. Remember Personal Details: Throughout the course of your working relationship, remember the things that are important to your boss: their kids’ names, where they live, their pets, hobbies, etc. Knowing these details will help you on a personal level, and will strengthen the working relationship you have with him or her.


  1. Have Fun On The Job: Believe it or not, bosses actually like it when their employees are having fun. A fun, chipper office environment shows that everyone is into their work and motivated. And that makes the boss happy. Laugh at your co-workers’ Go out together during lunch breaks. Work as a team. These are signs that people are enjoying what they’re doing. If you’re having fun, the boss will notice you more.


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