Simple Steps For Success

Our goals are to insure that every candidate coming to your company receives consistent professional treatment — and a continuity of communication and information about your organization.  Consistent, step by step communication throughout the interview process is key to a successful hire.  It’s known as “candidate care.”
Be competitive because TIME KILLS DEALS
  1. Be upfront on what you are offering for an open position. This includes a well-defined job description, level of compensation, and benefits package before sourcing potential candidates.
  2. Call the candidate for a telephone interview as soon as possible (within 5 business days) after receiving his/her resume and profile. The candidate will feel there is a lack of interest if they do not get a call in a timely fashion.
  3. First impressions count! The most important person in your recruiting process is the first person who will contact the candidate. It is critical that the contact person is enthusiastic, positive and good at meeting people.
  4. If there is going to be an onsite interview, schedule it quickly. The sooner the candidate is convinced of an opportunity, the better chance of bringing the recruitment process to a successful conclusion. If too much time lapses, you risk loosing the candidate to another organization.
  5. Establish an itinerary and keep the candidate informed at each step. Attention to detail in travel arrangements and schedules is critical.
  6. During the site visit and interviews, the candidate should be assisted in every way. This shows the candidate you are interested and provides a personal touch.
  7. Before the candidate leaves the onsite interview, he/she should have some idea of the approximate level of compensation, information on the benefit package as well as an anticipated time frame with respect to your final selection process.
  8. If a second site visit is required, it should be done as quickly as possible. This might include attention to the needs and interests of the spouse/significant other and exposure to the housing market.
  9. Time is of the essence and is one of the best tools to complete the process. Deal breakers include: taking too much time to interview or extending an offer of employment, a cumbersome decision-making process and lack of attention to detail.
  10. Follow-up completely and communicate at all times with the recruiter, department and candidate throughout the process.
  11. This process is not complete until the candidate has been on board for at least 3 months. Communication with the candidate after the hire is crucial to anticipate any problems.