Time Kills Deals AKA Working through your company’s hiring landmines

As an HR leader your stress and frustration levels rise when you can’t get hiring managers off the dime.  How many times have the pleaded for candidates for a “critical” role and when you come through, they sit on resumes?  Recruiting framework is KEY.

It’s all about ACCOUNTABILITY!  Set up a STRUCTURED timeline with expectations on both ends.

Typical New Req. Scenario:

HM comes to you “desperate” to fill XYZ role.  Set up a time to sit down with that manager and have this conversation.

 “If you are determined to fill this role, I need to know what your schedule and timetable are for doing so.  It’s a candidate world right now.  They have the upper hand.  Lots more opportunities than candidates.  The good ones will NOT hang in there while you put out fires elsewhere.  Are you traveling in the next couple of weeks?  Are you available to jump all over qualified candidates?  If not, let’s wait until you have a realistic window for this important process.”


Set up a realistic schedule which includes:

    1.  HM provides feedback within 48 hours of candidate presentation
    2. Greenlight on candidate?  Then HM provides availability for phone screen and HR sets up within 24 hrs.
    3. Within 24 hours of phone screen, HM provides feedback to HR
    4. Greenlight?  Within 24 hrs, HR sets up on-site interviews
    5. Post on-site interviews:  Within 24 hrs provide feedback to HR
    6. Greenlight?  Within 24 hrs phone call to candidate, offer pending! OR phone call letting them know you are evaluating other candidates.  BUT if you ARE interested, let them know what to expect time-wise and keep your word.
    7. Get the offer out ASAP!  If at any time the candidate falls off, thank them for their time.  It goes a long way to developing a strong company culture.