• Posted on: Nov 15, 2022
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Job ID: cb21fc3f
  • Type: Full Time
  • Category: Management
  • Posted on: Nov 15, 2022
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Job ID: cb21fc3f
  • Type: Full Time
  • Category: Management

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Transportation Manager

(Denver, CO)


About the Company:

Our client is a leading and independent distributor of Industrial, Medical, Specialty, Compressed and Cryogenic Gases. They are profitable, well established and they have found success through their exceptional customer care, commitment to going the extra mile, and adapting to a changing market.  Our client is currently looking for a Transportation Manager.


Job Summary:

The primary responsibilities of this position are to provide hands-on support, guidance and leadership to the company’s ongoing and dynamic Transportation, Operations and Logistics initiatives. This includes execution of strategic and tactical plans, hiring, coaching and development of team members and providing clear direction while delivering specific operational results. This position will make terminations of personnel not performing in an ethical, honest, safe and responsible manner. The person must work effectively within an informal, flat, and yet highly process-oriented organization.


Reporting Relationship:

This role reports directly to the President. In addition, the person needs to work as effectively and closely with the CEO, as well as with the Safety Manager and the various Plant Managers to assure the Transportation Division is working with clear and effective communication for the delivery of product in a timely manner, and within safety guidelines.



  • Proven leadership experience
  • Financial/P&L experience
  • Process oriented. Works well within company-defined operating processes and culture.
  • Proven ability to develop people and build rapport
  • Disciplined planning and organization skills
  • Ability to minimize operating costs without compromising customer satisfaction
  • Ability to influence and hold team accountable
  • Ability to effectively handle ambiguity and change
  • Strong innovation skills and creativity
  • Self-directed and results-oriented
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
  • Emotional maturity and conflict resolution skills
  • Excellent communication skills and networking abilities
  • Strong innovation skills and creativity


Duties And Responsibilities:

  • Active participation by providing input during the development of business goals and action plans. Continuous monitoring of daily operations with the goal to improve on efficiencies and profitability by improving performance. Take action to improve performance. Identify, implement and monitor key business metrics to drive effective, low-cost execution of results. Primary accountable metrics include customer satisfaction, asset utilization (hours, loads and miles), safety, service and low cost.
  • Attract, hire, coach and develop team members. Business planning/execution, emotional maturity, conflict resolution and employee development are among the key areas for success.
  • Facilitate and implement the goals established by the ownership. Adhere to processes in place. We are looking for a person that can follow the process and continuously improve it for the highest functioning, highest profitability transportation team. Intellectual and emotion intelligence with a highly professional demeanor is required
  • Work in tandem with team members from sales, customer service, operations, maintenance and finance, to create, communicate and implement best practices, processes, policies and standard operating procedures. Lead and manage so as to create a keen sense of purpose, clarity and consistency in actions. Attention to detail with a sense of urgency and a drive to succeed in efficient safe and honest practices is essential.
  • Ensure and maintain safe, efficient operations to include drivers, equipment, best practices and other essential logistics efforts. Working closely with the Safety Department will be a critical skill.
  • Respond with agility to dynamic business requirements, ranging from tactical execution to strategic challenges. Our company maintains systematic deliveries as well a non-traditional, rapid deployment opportunities driven by our business model and our profitably expectations.
  • Travel to Salt Lake City to manage, train and observe the operations at least twice a quarter.
  • Lead initiatives related to driver or equipment utilization and capacity, maintenance and other essential issues. Provide input on related decisions, including direct accountability and influence on driver capacity, equipment and customer service aspects of the transportation team.
  • Manage continuous improvement and cross-functional projects, including conceptualization, key performance indicators (KPI’s), creation of action plan and measurement of progress and results.
  • Instill a culture of safety within the transportation team and operations. Participate in the development of policies and performance expectations and ensure accountability across all locations, both city delivery operations as well as over-the-road operations.
  • Facilitate action plans that improve performance and the profitable growth of the bulk transportation group. This position pairs a high level of responsibility and intention to succeed within the established framework. It will require focus and a high level of consistent communication to a variety of people as deliveries are planned and executed.
  • Keen learned and/or intuitive business skills are necessary. This position must understand and control cost structures and financial results within operations to ensure a high level of profitability.
  • Set measurable goals for operations, recruiting, safety and all aspects of running a successful operation.

Daily Tasks:

  • Follow driver operations using the Peoplenet system and the on-board camera system.
  • Review Peoplenet hours of work and assure this information is accurate for payroll.
  • Input driver hours in the ADP Time and Attendance system and approve the timecards prior to 9am.
  • Communicate, preferably via the e-mail system to avoid misunderstandings of logistical information to Branch Managers affected by specific deliveries.
  • Review bulk gas tank levels at customer locations via telemetry website to ensure product does not run out and to aid in scheduling deliveries.
  • Handle driver assistance requests and customer bulk order calls promptly.
  • Ensure all incoming paperwork is filed correctly, truck maintenance is handled, etc.
  • Collect driver fuel receipts and turn into administration.


Weekly Tasks:

  • Process and purchase raw bulk gases – identify gasses needed, issue purchase order number, buy the bulk gas, receive the bulk gas, match the invoice, code the invoice and turn into accounts payable for payment to vendor.
  • Schedule deliveries while keeping in mind customer tank size, full level, reorder level, and critical levels as well as driver hours, overtime, efficiency of delivery, etc. Call customers as needed. Sort deliveries into which customer on what day and then assign the drivers accordingly utilizing DOT hour requirements. Then put together driver packets.


Monthly Tasks:

  • Submit to AIM and PACLEASE the fuel data from WEX Online website by the 5th of each month for those company completion of the IFTA reporting requirement of the USA and Canadian governments. See SOP-IFTA Reporting.
  • Submit to the Controllers, the Feeder Allocation Template on the 1st of each month for the feeder deliveries made to each location including the trip to Praxair in Texas. See-SOP Feeder Allocation Template.
  • Keep license and permits up-to-date for all trucks and trailers in the company
  • Maintain all driver files required by the Department of Transportation.
  • Manage the random DOT drug testing program for all drivers, City and Over-the-Road.


Yearly Tasks:

  • Distribute to the Division Managers the Colorado Public Utilities Commission Hazardous Materials Permit.  This permit is renewed annually and needs to be in every vehicle that transports hazmat product.



  • 5-10 years of verifiable successful Operations, Transportation and/or Logistics experience
  • S. degree, preferably in Business or Transportation, or equivalent job experience




    ·       Competitive Salary Commensurate with Experience (Let’s discuss your salary requirement, our client is looking for top talent and will compensate accordingly).

    ·       Excellent Full Benefit Package

    ·       Extraordinarily generous Profit-Sharing plan at 25%.  20% paid out quarterly and 5% contributed to 401K.

    ·       Relocation assistance available for a winning candidate willing to relocate to Denver.  This is not a remote opportunity.


Critical Success Factors:

  • Customer Focus: Dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services which meet or exceed the needs and requirements of internal and external customers. Understands customers’ expectations and utilizes that knowledge to continuously improve products and services. Makes decisions and takes action with end users in mind. Establishes and maintains effective relationships with internal and external customers and gains their trust and respect.
  • Outstanding Organizational Skills: Keeping meticulous records of inventory over time, ensuring
  • compliance with regulations, documents are easy to find, and inventory is correctly accounted for at all times.
  • Results Driven: Takes initiative and engages in work activities that have clearly defined and communicated end results.
  • Prioritizes work appropriately and ensures that the most important tasks are completed expediently.
  • Anticipates barriers to progress and takes appropriate action without waiting for direction.
  • Follows through to ensure that tasks are completed with a sense of urgency. Drives self and others for
  • results, and seeks opportunities to increase effectiveness and reduce costs.
  • Communication Skills: Shares and expresses thoughts in a clear and effective manner through verbal and written communication skills.
  • Exhibits effective listening skills and interacts positively with others. Is diplomatic, tactful and professional in all communication and resolves conflicts in a cooperative manner.
  • Presents ideas articulately and persuasively in both formal and informal settings.
  • Problem Solving/Decision Making: Uses sound judgment and common sense to make competent, timely and effective decisions.
  • Gathers and analyzes relevant information and takes appropriate action. Uses knowledge and experience to understand issues and chooses the best course of action. Looks beyond the initial/surface problems to identify root causes. Takes accountability for decisions, actions and results.
  • Job Knowledge: Understands how businesses work and keeps up with trends affecting current job and the organization as a whole.
  • Demonstrates the skills and expertise needed for success and is thorough, accurate and efficient while performing all job functions. Learns quickly and analyzes successes and failure to enhance job performance.
  • Relationship Management: Develops effective relationships and works cooperatively as part of a team while never losing sight of the overall goals set out by the President. Builds rapport easily and relates well to all types of people both inside and outside the organization.
  • Involves others in setting objectives and making decisions but in the end holds himself as the ultimate responsible party for its effectiveness.
  • Defines success in terms of the measurement determined in partnership with the President.
  • Ethical Behavior: Avoidance of any true or perceived conflict of interest that may arise when your personal activities and relationships interfere, or appear to interfere, with your ability to act in the best interest of the Company. As we are all invested in the company’s success, please remember that your decisions and actions during the course of your employment should be based on the best interest of the Company and not on your personal relationships or benefits. If you are considering entering into a situation that creates a conflict of interest, DO NOT DO IT. If you are in a situation that may create a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest, review the situation with Rick or Kathy. If you are wondering if a potential situation could be a conflict of interest, ask yourself:
    • Could my personal interests interfere with those of the Company?
    • Might it appear that my personal interests are interfering with those of the Company to others either inside or outside of the Company
  • If you answer yes to either of those questions, please do not proceed.
  • Gifts are not to be accepted on an individual basis. We can never benefit personally from our relationships with our vendors, and we expect each of our customers to be treated equally.
  • Accepting a gift could place the Company in a position of unearned favoritism, creating an atmosphere of unethical business standards. We want to avoid this at all costs. This means that you should not accept any favors, alcohol, free meals, etc. Food products given as a thank you should be placed in a common area so that we may all benefit from it. If the situation feels odd, please walk away and enforce the integrity of the company. Even if you are pressured to accept, you should politely decline and explain the company rules. Remember, a thank you note is worth more than a gift and much harder to earn.



If you meet these requirements and this sound like a great fit for you, please apply and let’s have a good conversation.  Thanks!