• Posted on: Nov 15, 2022
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Job ID: 399ec8d6
  • Type: Full Time
  • Category: Management
  • Posted on: Nov 15, 2022
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Job ID: 399ec8d6
  • Type: Full Time
  • Category: Management

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Safety and Regulatory Compliance Manager (National Search)

(Denver, CO)  **Company will provide relocation assistance for the right candidate**


About the Company:

Our client is a leading and independent distributor of Industrial, Medical, Specialty, Compressed and Cryogenic Gases.  They are profitable, well established and they have found success through their exceptional customer care, commitment to going the extra mile, and adapting to a changing market.  Our client is currently looking for a Safety and Regulatory Compliance Manager.


Job Summary:

The primary responsibility the Safety and Regulatory Compliance Manager is to build, lead and manage the safety and regulatory culture and efforts in the organization. The manager is also charged with measuring results of all safety and compliance efforts, crafting a strategic direction for safety culture development with the executive leadership in the organization, the development of new education platforms, and the communication of all new

and changing measures to the effected part of the company.

This manager must work effectively within an informal, flat, and yet highly process-oriented organization.


Reporting Relationship:

This role reports directly to the Company President. In addition, the Safety and Regulatory Compliance Manager needs to work as effectively and closely with all branch managers, plant managers, and all other employees. A clear and effective communication style is a requirement as this position works closely with branch managers, plant managers, and the President to assure we have the best practices in place to achieve a zero accident and 100% compliance with the industry regulatory structure.



·       Proven leadership experience.

·       Clear understanding and ability to effectively communicate and implement all FDA, DOT, OSHA, EPA, Homeland Security, State and Local Government, and Fire Department regulations to maintain the safety culture of the organization.

·       Absolute dedication to uphold the company standards and adherence to all regulations governing production without taking shortcuts or blurring processes in the interest of time over quality.

·       Thorough understanding of and ability to effectively implement process efficiency. This may be through 6 Sigma, Kaizen, or process improvement training.

·       Process oriented. Works well within company-defined operating processes and culture.

·       Able to develop processes where none exist.

·       Proven ability to work with people and build rapport while influencing and holding others accountable for their responsibilities.

·       Ability to hold the key management requirements in place when under pressure from branches, sales and plant personnel in order to meet overall company objectives.

·       Self-directed & results-oriented with excellent planning and organizational skills.

·       Experienced problem solving and analytical skills.

·       Emotional maturity and conflict resolution skills.

·       Excellent communication skills and networking abilities.

·       Critical Thinking –using logic and reasoning to identify the strength and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions and approaches to problems.


Duties And Responsibilities:

Strategy and Culture Development

·       Create a company-wide safety culture through safety training, risk assessments, and behavior modification programs and conversations.

·       Identify hazards and incidents of regulatory non-compliance, behavior that led to issues, and recommend corrective measures.

·       Conduct Root Cause Analysis for all occurrences and potential occurrences and take corrective action to implement new procedures.

·       Serve as the staff specialist in safety by developing and carrying out procedures with the line organization that effectively control accident and health exposures in the company and minimize OSHA citations Safety and Regulatory.

·       Act as the Internal Auditor by regularly conducting safety audits and training for the entire company.

·       When training, do so in a manner which helps people become more effective, hold them responsible for their actions, and communicate issues effectively to senior management as a key part of their team.

·       Identify hazards and incidents of regulatory non-compliance, and recommend corrective measures.

·       Conduct facility audits and perform regular physical inspections of facilities grounds, buildings, equipment, vehicles and operations.

·       Effectively develop and implement programs, practices, and procedures to reduce the frequency and severity of accidental loss in the areas of workers’ compensation, general and auto liability, and property. 

·       Conduct claims investigations and evaluates risk management claims information to identify significant hazards and loss trends.

·       Ensure occurrences are properly reported, investigated, analyzed and followed up on in a timely fashion.

·       Work with all branches and plants to ensure that the company is being 100% compliant with regards to safety, training, professionalism, cleanliness and environmental issues.

·       Establish and maintain a library of safety related training materials and employee training records.

·       Direct all compliance efforts with regards to FDA, DOT, OSHA, EPA, HLS, and other Federal, State, and local agencies.

·       Develop and maintain an Emergency Response Program that is appropriate, accurate, complete and in compliance with local regulations.

·       Responsible for obtaining, renewing and maintaining all necessary permits


Safety and Regulation Specific Expectations:

Please note that this role is expected to research, observe, manage, and implement all aspects of the regulations set by regulating bodies for the federal, state, and local levels to ensure that the company maintains compliance in all operations and performance.

Some of the details for what to be aware of per regulating body are listed below, but please understand that this list does not specify all details. As a key manager, this role is expected to develop and expand our current safety and regulatory compliance to meet the highest possible standards.

·       FDA: The production, distribution, and sale of medical gases is considered a medical drug manufacturing environment. The company must therefore meet all medical gas regulatory requirements as designed by the company’s Standard Operating Procedures consist with FDA requirements. It is the responsibility of this position to lead that effort and guide the company in the desired direction to reflect the overall strategy of the company. FDA audits of the company are expected to reflect this direction and result in a very positive view of the company by the FDA auditing group.

·       DOT: The DOT affects the company’s operations in two key independent areas. The first is in the regulation of trucking and transportation of hazardous materials. This is a key area of responsibility for the entire company and the focus of the safety group in this area is ensuring compliance and safe practices by the company drivers and operational people. This includes DVIR’s, hours of service, truck driver training, accident investigations, and safe practices, etc. The second area of focus is the DOT responsibility for the management of the cylinder population for testing, service requirement, condition, and capability of company facilities to perform these functions. It is critical that the company is performing at a high level in compliance with all requirements in this area; it protects our people and customers from danger and is a key reasonability of this role.

·       OSHA: The key areas of responsibility in this are those required of most organizations. The company must provide a safe place to work and it is a responsibility of this position to work with management to insure that the company is successful in this goal. The basic guidelines are provided by 29 CFR 1910 and the GAWDA industry organization guidelines. Subject areas include but are not limited to Emergency Response, Personal Protective Equipment, Chemical Awareness, Control of Hazardous Work, Forklifts, Lock Out Tag Out, Confined Spaces, and General House Keeping and Maintenance.

·       EPA: The Company is in the business of producing, transporting, and selling hazardous materials. The requirements from a reporting and management of these activities are also controlled by the EPA and similar state and local governmental bodies. It is a responsibility of this role to know the requirements, be able to outline these requirements so that the company can take action to achieve these requirements, and then monitor and audit company performance to ensure that this is happening. This requires knowing the rules but also the people at the various groups and being able to work in an effective and professional manner with them. Many reporting requirements exist in the area and it the responsibility of this role to fill these out and be very familiar with the requirements including time limits and lines. In addition, an understanding of the basic chemicals and gases used by the company is required in order to insure that the company can respond competently to any issues which may arise from gases escaping, etc. This role is a leadership position in reacting to any kind of crisis, not only in this area but all the various areas of responsibility.

·       Home Land Security: There are a variety of requirements related to security of the company products, facilities, and vehicles. These are the responsibility of the Safety Manager and a clear focus upon compliance and thoughtful direction for improvement are required.

·       State & Local Government: The states and local governments in the geography in which the company operates have many different and in some cases competing requirements as well. It is the responsibility of this position to manage this type of regulatory group as well. Included are public safety, fire, and police, but may include others as well.

·       Claims Management: This position is the leader in all accident management on a case by case basis. This responsibility requires close and professional management of the relationship between operational management and the Safety Manager position. A common sense, practical, and professional focus are mandatory as a success factor in this position. This position is also the lead contact on all accident related activities with the outside parties such as insurance companies, regulatory auditors, industry group consultants, etc. They are to lead and direct.

·       Internal Auditor: The role has a requirement of conducting safety “audits” and “training” for the entire company. This requires the skills required to provide professional services to the operational management and the actual line workers. They must “speak and understand” what people do. It is mandatory that the responsibilities in this area are performed in a manner which helps people become more effective, holds them responsible for their actions, and communicates issues effectively to senior management. This is not a position that has the authority to “dictate” to neither operational nor senior management.

·       Development of Safety and Regulatory “Continuous Improvement”: It is the responsibility of all management positions within this company to participate in and help drive the effort to improve our performance as an organization at all times. This means we must be “faster, better, and different”. A focus on common sense approaches that drive the company in this direction are mandatory. All programs, polices, forms, and efforts are required to be evaluated relative to this requirement. We must not only be safe, but very safe, very effective, and minimize work all at the same time. An intolerance for bureaucracy and form over function is required.

·       Advisor to Senior Management: The last key responsibility is as an advisor and guide to senior management to insure that the company achieves its fundamental goals with a safety program which are outline below. This requires a strong, competent, and direct manner to insure that the issues, dangers, and opportunities are clearly understood by senior management. It is a requirement that this is clear and precisely understood by both management and this person. Failure in this area of responsibility will undermine all other efforts and is unacceptable.



·       100% compliance with all regulatory and safety requirements relating to our business.

·       Zero Accidents – the “mod” for workman’s compensation rating is to be significantly below 1 and trending in a systematic manner downward. Additionally, the accident rate should be tracked and reduced in both severity and frequency over time. The same should be done for lost time accidents.

·       Accident prevention.

·       All regulatory audits and inspections are to result in auditors being dazzled with our performance, allowing us to set the standard by which other companies are measured. This should be authentic and not a show.

·       Lead by example



·       5-10 years of experience in safety and regulations relating to manufacturing and distribution of gases (industrial gas preferred).

·       B.S. degree required – background in chemistry or industrial engineering preferred.

·       Knowledge and competency in FDA medical gas manufacturing and distribution.

·       Knowledge and competency in DOT compliance with interstate transportation of hazardous materials.

·       Knowledge and competency in OSHA guidelines.

·       Demonstrated strong written and verbal communication skills.



·       Competitive Salary Commensurate with Experience (Let’s discuss your salary requirement, our client is looking for top talent and will compensate accordingly).

·       Excellent Full Benefit Package

·       Extraordinarily generous Profit-Sharing plan at 25%.  20% paid out quarterly and 5% contributed to 401K.

·       Relocation assistance available for a winning candidate willing to relocate to Denver.  This is not a remote opportunity.


Critical Success Factors:

·       Outstanding Organizational Skills: Keeping meticulous records of safety and compliance incidents, near misses, regulation implementation, and safety training programs over time, ensuring compliance with regulations, documents are easy to find, and processes and training are correctly accounted for at all times.

·       Balances and manages multiple and ever changing tasks, planning and making competent decisions with researched backup.

·       Results Driven: Takes self-starting initiative and engages in work activities that have clearly defined and communicated end results.

·       Prioritizes work appropriately and ensures that the most important tasks are completed expediently.

·       Anticipates barriers to progress and takes appropriate action without waiting for direction.

·       Follows through to ensure that tasks are completed with a sense of urgency.

·       Drives self and others for results, and seeks opportunities to increase overall company safety and adherence to regulatory measures.

·       Communication Skills: Shares and expresses thoughts in a clear and effective manner through verbal and written communication skills.

·       Exhibits effective listening skills and interacts positively with others. Is diplomatic, tactful and professional in all communication and resolves conflicts in a cooperative manner.

·       Presents ideas articulately and persuasively in both formal and informal settings.

·       Tenacious: Continues follow-up on safety related concerns, issues, projects, and all worker’s compensation claims.

·       Absorbs the difference between responsibility and accountability and effectively delegates and completes tasks to ensure that safety concerns are completed.

·       Problem Solving/Decision Making: Uses sound judgment and common sense to make competent, timely and effective decisions.

·       Gathers and analyzes relevant information and takes appropriate action. Uses knowledge and experience to understand issues and chooses the best course of action.

·       Looks beyond the initial/surface problems to identify root causes. Takes accountability for decisions, actions and results.

·       Job Knowledge: Understands how businesses work and keeps up with trends affecting current job and the organization as a whole.

·       Demonstrates the skills and expertise needed for success and is thorough, accurate and efficient while performing all job functions. Learns quickly and analyzes successes and failure to enhance job performance.

·       Relationship Management: Develops effective relationships and works cooperatively as part of a team while never losing sight of the overall goals set out by the President.

·       Builds rapport easily and relates well to all types of people both inside and outside the organization.

·       Involves others in setting objectives and making decisions, but in the end holds himself as the ultimate responsible party for any plan’s effectiveness.

·       Actively demonstrates safety, environmental and cleanliness excellence and finds ways to motivate and persuade employees to follow example set.

·       Defines success in terms of the measurement determined in partnership with the President.

·       Ethical Behavior: Avoidance of any true or perceived conflict of interest that may arise when your personal activities and relationships interfere, or appear to interfere, with your ability to act in the best interest of the Company.

·       As we are all invested in the company’s success, please remember that your decisions and actions during the course of your employment should be based on the best interest of the Company and not on your personal relationships or benefits. If you are considering entering into a situation that creates a conflict of interest, DO NOT DO IT. If you are in a situation that may create a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest, review the situation with HR. If you are wondering if a potential situation could be a conflict of interest, ask yourself:

o   Could my personal interests interfere with those of the Company?

o   Might it appear that my personal interests are interfering with those of the Company to others either inside or outside of the Company?

·       If you answer yes to either of those questions, please do not proceed.

·       Gifts are not to be accepted on an individual basis. We can never benefit personally from our relationships with our vendors, and we expect each of our customers to be treated equally. Accepting a gift could place the Company in a position of unearned favoritism, creating an atmosphere of unethical business standards. We want to avoid this at all costs. This means that you should not accept any favors, alcohol, free meals, etc. Food products given as a thank you should be placed in a common area so that we may all benefit from it. If the situation feels odd, please walk away and enforce the integrity of the company. Even if you are pressured to accept, you should politely decline and explain the company rules. Remember, a thank you note is worth more than a gift and much harder to earn.



If you meet these requirements and this sound like a great fit for you, please apply and let’s have a good conversation.  Thanks!