• Posted on: Jun 19, 2024
  • Location: Waterloo, IA
  • Job ID: 5cba84f3
  • Type: Full Time
  • Posted on: Jun 19, 2024
  • Location: Waterloo, IA
  • Job ID: 5cba84f3
  • Type: Full Time

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Job Title: Robotic Welder/Programmer

Location: Waterloo, Iowa

Salary: $55-75K plus bonus

 Job Summary of the Robotic Welder/Programmer: The Robotic Welder/Programmer is responsible for operating and programming robotic welding equipment. This includes ensuring maximum run time for welding robots. Included in those responsibilities are a strong ability to program robotic welders, diagnose (troubleshoot) and provide solutions to robotic welding equipment failures, breakdowns, etc. This person must have a continuous improvement mindset with the ability to recommend process and technical improvements. This person will have experience in the technical field of service with a passion to remain knowledgeable of industry developments/changes.

Job Responsibilities of the Robotic Welder/Programmer:

·         Develop and optimize robotic welding programs based on engineering drawings, specifications, and production requirements.

·         Utilize programming languages such as G-code or proprietary robotic programming languages to create efficient and accurate welding paths.

·      Collaborate with engineering teams to understand project requirements and make necessary adjustments to robotic programs.

·         Set up and calibrate robotic welding systems, ensuring proper alignment and functionality.

·         Conduct routine maintenance and troubleshooting of robotic welding equipment to ensure optimal performance.

·         Collaborate with maintenance teams to address any technical issues or malfunctions promptly.

·         Monitor and inspect welded components to ensure they meet quality standards and specifications.

·         Implement quality control processes and make necessary adjustments to robotic programs to achieve consistent weld quality.

·         Identify and rectify any defects or inconsistencies in the welding process.

·         Adhere to and enforce safety protocols and guidelines for robotic welding operations.

·         Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of robotic welding programs, adjustments, and maintenance activities.

·         Generate reports on production output, efficiency, and any issues encountered during the welding process.

 Education & Experience of the Robotic Welder/Programmer:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Technical certification or degree in welding technology or a related field is a plus.
  • Prior experience troubleshooting robotic/welding equipment.
  • Prior experience programming welding and robotic welding processes, procedures.
  • Prior experience working with inspection and sampling of incoming parts and raw materials.
  • Proficiency in written, verbal, presentation, and communications skills.

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