• Posted on: Oct 17, 2023
  • Location: Cincinnati, OH
  • Job ID: 0228aba1
  • Type: Full Time
  • Posted on: Oct 17, 2023
  • Location: Cincinnati, OH
  • Job ID: 0228aba1
  • Type: Full Time

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Radiology Technologist Job Description
Performs routine radiographic, fluoroscopic and portable examinations in the diagnostic department of Radiology, on nursing units, outpatient areas and the surgery department.
1. Takes radiographs per physician orders.
A. 95% of films are satisfactory as measured by repeat rate.
B. Exams are to be completed following procedure outlined in the routine
book including signing out requests with correct information.
C. All requests must contain history pertinent to ordered exam.
2. Must be versatile within the diagnostic department of Radiology.
A. Possesses ability to work in the following areas without assistance: Routine
room, IVP, fluoroscopy, portable (c-arm and routine radiograph), and GU. Must be able to perform all exams listed in the routine book.

3. Protects all patients and employees from unnecessary radiation.
A. Technical factors used are to be diagnostic while not subjecting anyone to
unnecessary radiation. Shielding is to be used on patients when doing so would not compromise the purpose ofthe exam.
B. Evidence of coning and use off lead orientation markers is to be present on al films.

4. Has knowledge of the front desk operations as well as the computer systems and reports all equipment problems to manager and Clinical Engineers.
A. Can schedule exams done through the whole department-alerting a supervisor when necessary.
B. Can use the centralize transport program for patient transportation.
C. Can look up pertinent information in the computer systems concerning patient exams, ordering, reprinting or canceling when necessary.
D. Able to interact professionally with other departments.
E. Can effectively call in needed on call imaging associates as required.
F. All equipment problems are called to the clinical engineering 24 hour phone number. Messages are communicated to co-workers, written or verbal.
G. Managers are alerted to al equipment problems (paging during periods of on call) if necessary.
5. Other duties as directed.
A. Remains available for assignment as needed.
B. Assisting the Radiologic Technologist Students.
C. Performs operationally required duties associated with equipment quality assurance,
regulatory compliance (ODH, Joint Commission), ordering of supplies, scheduling of staff and hospital and departmental audits

6. Job Description additional task/responsibility:
Access to patient records in course of normal operations to conduct the business of medical imaging is a responsibility of all designated personnel. Access of records is limited only to records that are pertinent to the patients care or regulatory requirements and only occur when necessary to carry out duties as part of the imaging team. Confidentiality and protection of al records is the responsibility of each individual. This access may occur for the reasons stated below:
Pre procedure in preparation for the scheduled exam During the procedure in care of the patient
Post procedure to follow up on care,
To QA processes to insure data is correct
To conduct retrospective reviews for the purpose of education, research or for compliance to ODH, MQSA, ACR or other regulatory requirements
To respond to daily calls from patients, other departments, physicians or Physician’s offices requesting us to access records to review historical procedure record.
Documentation of access must occur where appropriate and feasible in log form, comments in EPIC, HIM or McKesson or other available media/format.


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