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Project Manager – Site Preparation, Excavation, Utilities, Mining

Greenville, SC     

Looking for a project manager with a proven track record for project management in Heavy Civil Development including Site Preparation, Reclamation, Excavation, Utilities.  You will drive profitability, work with a variety of clients, and prepare scopes schedules, and budgets.  Fast paced environment with a dynamic, growing company.     



  • Heavy Civil Site Development Company – handling projects from infrastructure to mining
  • Site preparation, Reclamation, Mass Excavation, Utilities, Landfill, Mining
  • Markets include Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, Mining


  • Competitive pay and excellent benefits package including:

              Excellent medical, dental, and vision coverage

             401k with match

             Bonus Eligible

  • Company Vehicle or Vehicle allowance with gas card
  • Company laptop, phone, tablet, cell phone allowance
  • Nonstop challenges
  • Full pipeline of work stretching for more than 1 year with additional projects being considered
  • Structured, organized environment with actively involved ownership/management
  • Excellent training and growth opportunities
  • Company believes in work/life balance


The project manager directs all personnel on a given projects, takes responsibility for all safety, quality, budgeting, administrative and production goals for the project.

To guide and direct all construction activities on several projects while adhering to all company policies and OSHA/ MSHA regulations, while meeting all production goals.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Build a team atmosphere to allow all superintendents, foremen and operators to thrive and succeed.
  • Manage several layers of management from superintendents to foreman / lead men on separate projects
  • Manage several projects in varying locations throughout the Southeast.
    • Schedule equipment delivery with the equipment manager
    • Schedule meetings with engineers and owners
    • Maintain all erosion control inspections and ensure compliance
    • Communicate scope, details and schedule with the superintendent
    • Random on-site safety inspections
    • Manage production requirements as set forth in the project schedules
    • Assist in training new hires and existing personnel
    • Assist in safety meetings
    • Communicate project billing information on pay applications to the office for timely invoicing
    • Review all time sheets for accuracy
    • Maintain a project file of fuel sheets, load count sheets, hourly work, change order requests, and all applicable materials lists
    • Schedule and order necessary construction materials
    • Work with the estimator during turnover from the bidding phase to construction phase to ensure all submittals / RFI’s are submitted timely
  • Assist management in estimating projects.
  • Assist management in business develop with various mining clients, DOT clients, private developers and various other clients through business meetings and events.
  • Assist management in the hiring process for various positions, including screening, interviewing and observations.
  • Maintain OSHA/ MSHA compliance on projects, through the superintendent
    • Check the onsite MSHA binder for compliance
    • Ensure foremen / lead men have all MSHA paperwork, organized and up to date
    • Random inspections of vehicles, equipment, and projects
    • Attend all required MSHA training
  • Maintain all expense reports credit card receipts, coded correctly and turned in weekly
  • Maintain a professional appearance at all times
  • Maintain company vehicle



Proficient knowledge in the following areas or be willing to learn:

  • Quality control / quality assurance programs as they pertain to specific projects
  • Best practices for constructing commercial, residential, retail, industrial, energy, mining and heavy civil projects
  • Equipment safety
  • MSHA regulations
  • OSHA regulations
  • Site specific hazards and conditions
  • General site preparation techniques and procedures
  • Machine control and guidance systems
  • Site preparation surveying and layout
  • Knowledge of equipment maintenance and storage
  • Knowledge of road construction and maintenance techniques
  • Knowledge of workplace safety requirements and procedures
  • Knowledge of equipment cleaning standards and procedures


Demonstrate the following skills:

  • client service and public interaction skills
  • team building
  • analytical and problem-solving skills
  • decision making skills
  • effective verbal and listening communications skills
  • ability to communicate effectively
  • ability to read and write to record pickups and maintain daily records
  • stress management skills
  • time management skills
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Project, etc.)
  • Survey equipment (Topcon, Trimble)
  • AutoCad, Trimble Business Center

Personal Attributes

Must demonstrate the following personal attributes:

  • be honest and trustworthy be respectful
  • able to communicate effectively
  • possess cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • be flexible
  • demonstrate sound work ethics
  • deal with the public in a positive, courteous and respectful manner


Physical Demands

The project manager position is a physically strenuous and mentally demanding job. The project manager will have to work in all weather, and must be prepared for both extreme heat and cold. The project manager must ensure that all activities are completed in a safe and efficient way.

Environmental Conditions

The project manager must work outside in all different weather conditions including

extreme cold and extreme heat. He/she may at times be exposed to dangerous and/or toxic

substances and must take necessary precautions to protect eyes, nose and skin from irritation and


Sensory Demands

He/she may at times be exposed to dangerous and/or toxic substances and must take necessary

precautions to protect eyes, nose and skin from irritation and infection

Mental Demands

The project manager must work with the team and is expected to maintain a schedule

of work. Proper and efficient management of all projects is required. Any variation from these means that lengthens the project not caused by unforeseen conditions is unacceptable. Any problems or inconveniences may result in increased stress to complete tasks in a

limited time.


Initially this will be a remote position – however, Project Manager must reside in upstate SC / Relocation for qualified candidates will be considered

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