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We are actively recruiting for a Sales Leader in medical supply solutions to serve in a three-person management team; responsible for all aspects of Sales and Marketing for North American market.


This is a small but growing company with opportunity to build the future and work directly with the CEO.


The successful candidate will demonstrate strong hands-on mentality; ensure strong customer relations; develop and achieve sales targets in cooperation with company CEO; maintain pricing policy; supervise sales team; drive company marketing activities.


Role and Responsibilities

Strategy and goal setting:

  • Develop Sales & Marketing strategy and strategic implementation plan with CEO
  • Develop sales targets with the CEO and the measures required to achieve them with the team
  • Observe general market trends and include in strategy development process


Supervision and management:

  • Serve in a three-person, coordinating management team for company; take leadership responsibility as part of this team for many day-to-day aspects of running the company while interfacing with leadership in the Austrian company
  • Manage and participate in company’s sales activities
  • Manage and participate in company’s marketing activities
  • Supervise internal sales force and field sales force, as well as Marketing personnel
  • Hold annual target meetings with the colleagues of the sales team
  • Hold a semi-annual analysis meeting with the colleagues of the sales team
  • Preparation and chairing of weekly sales meetings
  • Prepare, chair and take minutes of weekly sales force meetings
  • Implementing decision and ensure communication/transferring knowledge from various sales team meetings
  • Create and maintain the job descriptions of the sales team
  • Create and maintain the back-up plan for each sales team member
  • Control and approve business trip requests and business trip accounts
  • Control and approve vacation requests, time compensation requests and absenteeism requests
  • Control and approve expense reports within the sales team
  • Allocate region responsibilities


Interdepartmental cooperation and coordination:

  • Make and/or support decisions related to technical issues from the sales team
  • Take part in company meetings, as needed (product news, product improvements, technical innovations, clarification of sales objectives & requirements, future planning)


Customer relations:

  • Provide support and decisions for all customer relevant questions from the sales team
  • Allocate discounts, approve bulk purchase discounts etc.
  • Approve assigning payment terms that deviate from the standard
  • Approve and oversee processing complaints
  • Develop, modify and monitor customer structures and classifications
  • Visit key customers in North America
  • Achieve business development objectives
  • Follow-up on customer visits (offers, samples, orders etc.)
  • Prepare special offers for key accounts or strategically important or “dangerous” customers
  • Conduct due diligence on new customers
  • Classify new customers (enable the allocation of discounts etc., control the delivery of newsletters, enable the recognition of the customer’s business field)
  • Reclassify existing customers due to changed requirements
  • Customer monitoring: quarterly to half-yearly customer analysis of the customers with the highest turnover and derivation of measures
  • Decide on action related to poor customer payment history



  • Set, modify, and implement price structures in cooperation with CEO
  • Determine and introduce annual price increases in cooperation with CEO
  • Determine and process increases of the various price discounts
  • Calculate prices of new articles
  • Monitor need for and implement price increases during the year in light of increased material and production cost
  • Perform ongoing price maintenance


Market analysis:

  • Collect product information from markets, customers, suppliers, partners
  • Collect market intelligence
  • Monitor competitors, develop competitor intelligence



  • Development of the annual marketing activities
  • Preparation of the annual marketing priorities
  • Coordinate regularly with H+H Europe colleagues
  • Attend and work at trade fairs with colleagues
  • Participate in joint strategy meetings with US and Austrian counterparts and colleagues
  • Develop and maintain brochures, flyers, leaflets, catalogs
  • Oversee and contribute to social media content and profiles
  • Cooperation in the creation, follow up, and maintenance of the above


Internal and external training:

  • Internal product training
  • Planning of internal product trainings
  • Holding of internal product trainings
  • Training of new employees (products, price structures, customer structures)
  • Conduct and oversee external product training
  • Hold product training on site in the showroom for customers of all kinds
  • Participate in internal and external trainings and seminars


Conferences and trade fairs:

  • Develop annual trade fair plan
  • Do personnel allocation planning for fairs
  • Do exhibition stand planning together with exhibition manager
  • Plan travel for trade fairs
  • Manage company presence at trade fairs
  • Asist with stand design, construction, and dismantling; collaborate in the creation of completely new stand concepts
  • Supervise the stand
  • Perform trade fair follow-up (customer analysis, customer classification, delegation to the respective sales associates)
  • Oversee and support trade fair storage (organization, tidying up together with a colleague from the sales team and the production department)


New product development:

  • Collaborate on new products
  • Create requirement profiles for new products from the sales point of view
  • Develop showroom design and maintain showroom control together with the sales team


Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Minimum ten years in Sales and Marketing positions with increasing responsibility
  • BA or BS required


Preferred Skills

  • Prior experience in international business
  • Excellent communications and interpersonal skills
  • Sales experience in medical field
  • Ability to travel



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