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We seek an experience Nurse Manager with a background in Surgery, OR or PACU.

Director of Nursing Job Description

SUMMARY: Responsible for supervising and directing nursing care in all clinical areas of the Center according to its policies, procedures, philosophy, and objectives. Coordinates and directs patient care and related activities of the Center according to accepted standards. Oversees patient scheduling in all clinical areas. Analyzes and evaluates nursing care to improve quality of care given. Works closely with business office and medical staff in coordinating patient-care service functions.

  2. Philosophy
  3. Supports the Center’s ideology, mission, goals, and objectives
  4. Performs in accordance with the Center’s policies and procedures
  5. Follows the Center’s standards for ethical business conduct
  6. Conducts self as a positive role model and team member
  7. Recognizes patients’ rights and responsibilities and supports them in performance of job duties
  8. General
  9. Participates in Center committees, meetings, in-services, and activities
  10. Shares input regarding short- and long-term goals of the Center
  11. Maintains Center and equipment to ensure cleanliness, sterility, and operational ability at all times; reports deficiencies to board of managers
  12. Recommends need for new/different items in regard to trends and needs of the Center
  13. Reports deficiencies in services provided by contracted providers (e.g., pathology, radiology, housekeeping) to board of managers
  14. Communication
  15. Communicates effectively and professionally with patients, visitors, physicians, and coworkers
  16. Interacts with others in a positive, respectful, and considerate manner
  17. Promotes effective communication among the Center’s clinical areas, business office, and physician practices
  18. Financial practices
  19. Promotes cost containment and efficient use of Center resources
  20. Analyzes clinical areas and makes recommendations for potential cost-effective improvements
  21. Monitors FTE utilization and makes recommendations to promote cost-effective man-hour practices
  22. Assists in the development and implementation of capital and operating budgets
  23. Conducts cost analyses to promote cost-effective practices
  24. Makes suggestions on purchasing equipment and supplies to provide optimum patient care within budget allowances
  25. Compliance program
  26. Assists in the implementation and maintenance of the organization’s adopted compliance program
  27. Performs according to established compliance policies and procedures
  28. Performance-improvement program
  29. Leads the implementation and maintenance of the organization’s adopted performance-improvement program, policies, and procedures
  30. Performs according to established performance-improvement policies and procedures
  31. Serves on the performance-improvement committee
  32. Evaluates suggestions, grievances, and processes to identify opportunities to improve performance and quality of care
  33. Monitors patient-care programs and reviews procedures, outcome standards, and criteria
  34. Analyzes data from performance-improvement program and prepares reports and recommendations for evaluation by the performance-improvement coordinator
  35. Successfully contributes to the performance-improvement process and identifies his or her role and contributions upon administrator’s request
  36. Safety/risk-management program
  37. Adheres to safety policies and procedures in performing job duties and responsibilities
  38. Implements practices and regulations adopted to provide safety in the healthcare environment
  39. Monitors the Center’s physical environment and initiates methods for maintaining safety, comfort, cleanliness, and order
  40. Works with the safety officer to resolve observed or suspected safety violations, hazards, and policy/procedure noncompliance
  41. Responds to emergency situations competently
  42. Submits information to licensed healthcare risk manager for preparation of risk-management reports
  43. Ensures that OSHA requirements are met by clinical staff and that supplies are readily available
  44. Ensures proper temperature, humidity, ventilation, and lighting to provide a comfortable and safe working environment; reports deficiencies to board of managers
  45. Professional competence
  46. Participates in continuing education and other learning experiences
  47. Shares knowledge gained in continuing education with staff
  48. Maintains membership in relevant professional organizations
  49. Seeks new learning experiences by accepting challenging opportunities and responsibilities
  50. Welcomes suggestions and recommendations
  51. Makes suggestions for continuing education of clinical staff members
  52. Assists with comprehensive and informative orientation programs for new employees in all clinical areas
  53. Patient care
  54. Applies accepted clinical nursing principles and practices to patient-care activities in the Center
  55. Coordinates patient-care activities with surgeons and anesthesia providers to provide continuity of patient care
  56. Assists Center staff in identifying and solving problems with nursing care provided
  57. Oversees all nursing activities during emergencies to verify that patient needs are met
  58. Participates in primary care of patients as needed and oversees clinical areas to verify that patient needs are met
  59. Enforces nursing practice standards and licensing/accreditation rules and regulations to provide quality patient care
  60. Recommends revision of patient-care policies and procedures as necessary to conform to accepted principles and practices
  61. Respects patients’ rights to privacy, dignity, and confidentiality
  62. Supervises care of the operating room area/equipment to ensure cleanliness, sterility, and operational ability at all times
  63. Controls patient/staff traffic to help prevent infections



  1. Daily operations
  2. Coordinates and monitors operational activities for effective and efficient management of daily operation; handles deficiencies or reports to regional director.
  3. Prepares staffing schedules in accordance with vacations and holidays
  4. Prepares daily personnel assignments and delegates duties according to experience and skill level to provide quality patient care
  5. Coordinates and cross-trains clinical staff to create a productive work environment for all clinical areas
  6. Reviews daily time and attendance sheets and maintains attendance log
  7. Coordinates scheduling of procedures with scheduling personnel
  8. Evaluates the performance of all clinical personnel and works to continuously improve the quality of care and services
  9. Assists in counseling clinical employees and makes recommendations for salary adjustments, promotions, and/or termination
  10. Observes performance of all clinical staff members and provides feedback to administration
  11. Interprets and implements established Center policies and procedures
  12. Chairs or participates on designated committees
  13. Submits reports on the Center’s fiscal, human, and material resource requirements
  14. Analyzes clinical documentation to ensure Center’s policies/procedures are being followed
  15. Serves as a liaison between patients, families, nursing, and medical staff to coordinate quality patient care
  16. Promotes harmonious relations and favorable attitudes among the healthcare team
  17. The Director of Nursing shall be responsible for the delivery of appropriate nursing services to patients.
  18. Develops and maintains appropriate nursing service objectives, standards of nursing practice, nursing policy and procedure manuals, and written job descriptions for all level of nursing personnel.
  19. Coordinates nursing services with other patient services.
  20. Establishes a mean of adequately assessing and planning the nursing care needs of patients and staffing to meet those needs.
  21. Coordinates staff development including orientation, in service and continuing education which includes provision for CPR certification or review.
  22. Materials management
  23. Applies material-management principles to establish procedures for use
  24. Promotes cost-effectiveness and implements procedures to control waste
  25. Monitors the care and cleaning of equipment to maintain proper working conditions; identifies and evaluates need for items relative to trends and physician requests
  26. Reviews inventory for availability of supplies and equipment necessary to meet patient needs
  27. Initiates requisitions to replenish inventory and to order new products
  28. Oversees inventory, maintaining adequate supplies and equipment and providing for their economical use
  29. Monitors and verifies that required materials-management documentation (i.e., purchase orders, purchase logs, etc.) is current and complete





  1. Immediate Supervisor:                          Board of Managers or Administrator 


  1. Positions to be supervisedClinical supervisors/staff





  1. Internal:Staff in clinical operations, business office and contract personnel.


  1. External:Physicians, Allied Health Professionals, patients, families, representatives of medical industry, consultants, legislators, health coalitions, and professional peers.




It is frequently necessary to perform duties beyond regular work hours.  Additionally, it may be necessary to respond to calls after hours for directions/guidance.  Due to the nature of the administrative responsibilities, this position can be challenging and time-consuming.




Physical and mental: must present professional image and leadership qualities; possess strong work ethic; be well organized; possess financial analytical skills; marketing skills; strong interpersonal communications skills; have the ability to reassess priorities, possess strong problem solving and decision making skills; and be able to handle a demanding position.  The Director of Nursing must be currently licensed by the state of Pennsylvania as a registered nurse.


Position specifications include:


  • Graduate of accredited school of nursing
  • Registered Nurse with active state license
  • BLS Certification, ACLS, PALS
  • Healthcare Management experience preferred
  • Evidence of leadership qualities
  • Language skills adequate for high-level written, interpersonal and telephone communication in English
  • Strong ethical and moral character references

Fantastic hours, M-F, no nights, no weekends and no on call. Permanent, direct hire.


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