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My client is an NYC-based company on a mission to transform the built environment into a powerful tool for fighting climate change. Many look at buildings as part of the problem, where this company sees them as an opportunity. By leveraging existing infrastructure, they believe they can not only accelerate carbon draw down, but actually turn existing infrastructure into a carbon sink. They are looking for an energetic chemical engineer to build out their technical bench. Candidates for this role will provide important chemistry and process insight, to accentuate and accelerate growth and development and to help engineer scalable next generation systems.

What’s in it for you?

  • You would be a foundational member of this company – this is a rapidly growing space with a lot of opportunity as more and more businesses commit to decarbonization in the future.
  • Be a part of building something – the unique opportunity that startup companies represent is the chance to be a part of building a new technology and business area.
  • Accelerate your development – engineers in startups wear a lot of hats and gain experience in the process of trial and error; on the back end of that, wherever your future may take you, that kind of accelerated learning process is invaluable to the rest of your career.
  • Impact. This is a small company at the moment and everything that everyone does matters both to the technology being developed as well as to the future success of the business.
  • Solve new problems that count.  We need the best and the brightest working on novel decarbonization solutions- these are hard problems that are unsolved and need aggressive action.

General Qualifications:

  • B.S. in Chemical Engineering minimum, advanced degree preferred
  • 5+ years of experience in development, design and operations of sorbent-based gas stream capture technology or relevant experience in gas separation processing
  • Previous reactor design experience is a HUGE plus, as well as previous experience with testing and working with solid materials, ideally oxides, in gas-flow systems
  • Must possess strong fundamental knowledge of thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, mass transfer, heat transfer, transport phenomena, reaction kinetics, process modeling and simulation
  • Industry-wise, best fits will be engineers who have experience developing processes in flue-gas treatment (sorbent media, desulphurization, etc), activated carbon, gas treatment systems, or closely related processes.

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