Employee Engagement – A “How to”

  1. Develop and promote a compelling vision for your company culture. Keep it forward thinking, fresh and interesting.
  2. If you don’t have a mentoring program, set one up. Mentors should be respected, more senior members but NOT in your mentee’s reporting chain.
  3. Set up a structure for your mentor program. Make sure it reflects your culture.
  4. Are your employees require to travel internationally? Set up language or culture workshops specific to those countries so they will be successful in navigating a strange culture.
  5. Offer skill or career programs specific to your industry or discipline. Certification courses on site can be a terrific option.
  6. If you don’t have one already, develop and set a strategic promotional framework so employees know what it takes to move to the next level both in title and compensation. Make sure your employees know what they can accomplish.
  7. Set up a tuition reimbursement program and foster a culture that encourages and rewards employees who work through advanced degrees.
  8. Don’t tolerate toxic employees at ANY level, no matter their value to the organization. Toxicity is contagious and it spreads fast.
  9. Always, ALWAYS acknowledge employee accomplishments, even the small ones.
  10. Your HR and leadership team should set the highest example. Build trust through integrity.  If you do, your employees will reach up, not down.